Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Aerial4Me's class policies, procedures, or prerequisites? Find the answers to all our frequently asked questions here!

Policies And Information

All students must have a signed waiver on file before participating. Download a pdf copy by clicking here.


Be on time. Any student arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to class.


No gum, food or beverages are allowed in the training areas. Water is allowed if stored in a plastic container. 


Remove your shoes before entering the practice space.


No strong smelling perfumes or lotions.


Avoid practicing on a full stomach, but make sure you have eaten properly on class days.

All students must sign a waiver before participating in their first lesson.


Only staff and students are allowed in the training areas.


Students are to stay off equipment before and after class.


Tuition for the session or class must be paid to reserve your registration spot. Classes have size limits and do fill up.


Aerial4Me accepts credit cards, cash or checks. Credit cards must be used through our online registration. VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. Checks returned to Aerial4Me for insufficient funds will be charged a $25 fee along with full payment of the rejected payment.

There are NO refunds. This includes classes, workshops, private lessons, and open gym sessions. We do not issue refunds or credits for classes not attended. It is your responsibility to attend class. 

Missed classes will not result in a refund.


Aerial4Me allows one free “make-up” class per six week session, when advanced notice is given to the instructor of the student’s absence and are intended to be used during that session time frame. If there is room in another scheduled class of the same level or lower the student can make up during that scheduled time. Otherwise, all make-up classes must be done as an open gym credit.


Make-up classes are not intended to catch the student up on exact material missed, but to allow them time to work on the equipment. 


Aerial4Me does NOT pro-rate or refund for any missed classes. If class is canceled due to weather or instructor illness, Aerial4Me will offer a make-up class or pro-rate option.

Aerial4Me reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop or event due to low enrollment, inclement weather, instructor illness or building issues. We require a minimum of 4 enrolled students for any class to be “open”. If there are not at least 4 enrolled students in a class, you may be asked to choose an alternate class day/time. Earliest notification will be given via email and/or phone/text. Please make sure we have your up-to-date current contact information on file. If a single class is canceled due to an ill instructor, we will make every attempt to schedule a make-up session. If the full session or workshop is canceled before it begins the participant may choose either a full refund or account credit. Credit is valid for one year from the date of issue.

We will announce if classes are canceled by 4pm via Facebook, Instagram and email sent to those registered for class. A make-up date will be determined and made public soon after the cancelation.

Due to liability, open gym is only open to students of Aerial4Me or past students with teacher permission. Open gym does not include instruction, but will be supervised by an instructor or staff member.

Aerial Open Gym is $10 and must be paid at time of arrival or before. Monthly or yearly membership payment options are also available.

An open gym credit may be used as a make-up session for a regular class that was missed by current members. Arrangements must be made a least 24 hours ahead of time.

Students should only practice skills on apparatuses they can do safely on their own. This is a great opportunity to condition, stretch or work on perfecting moves you learned in class.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone other than an Aerial4Me instructor teach skills to a student. If you can’t remember how to do a move from class please ask a teacher or teacher assistant. In the event that neither are available, please work on other material you can do without guidance.

If you violate safety rules you may have your privilege to open gym revoked.


Common Class Questions

Classes run once a week, at the same time, same day for 6 weeks. If you can’t make a class, see our make-up policy for details. A drop in option is also available if you are going to miss multiple classes in a session. 

Each session is $126 for a 1-hour class, 1 day a week for six weeks. 


Open gym is available for $10 for 1 hour with additional monthly and annual membership options available. 


Private lessons are also available for $55/hour for a solo lesson or $45/per student for an hour (up to 4 students). Please contact us directly for scheduling options as private lessons are dependent on instructor and gym availability.


We also occasionally host workshops. Pricing varies based on the material, duration, and instructor. 

You will need to create an account in our registration system and follow the prompts. If you have any trouble or do not receive an email confirming your registration please contact us or send us an email at

Great! We are glad you are interested in checking us out! Please contact us first and let us know who you have learned from and what poses and locks you can do. We will work with you to place you in the most appropriate level for your skills. We can also schedule an evaluation (30 minute private lesson where a teacher will work with you to see where you will best fit with our curriculum).

No classes are running at this time.

Comfortable stretchy clothing that covers the back of your knees, armpits, and waist when arms are above the head. Slick fabrics such as parachute pants and wind pants are not appropriate.


Footless tights, leotards, and unitards make great additions to your aerial wardrobe. Nylon/Spandex, or cotton/lyrca blends are preferred as these will prevent too much slipping on the fabrics. We recommend investing in a few of these options as you advance through the curriculum.  


Feet exposed, we work barefoot on the apparatuses. An area to store shoes is available before you get to the gym floor. You may wear socks or ballet slippers for floor stretching.


No jewelry as it can snag the equipment.


Do not moisturize or put oil on your skin before class, this causes skin abrasion.


Glasses are allowed, however you may want to wear contacts since many moves are upside-down.


Long hair tied back.


Males may prefer to wear a dance belt or support brief for additional comfort.  

Aerial4Me is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

Can I really sign up for this?

Nope! We rig our aerial equipment with the highest industry safety and structural standards in mind. It’s able to take thousands of pounds of force! We could hang a car from our apparatuses. You have nothing to worry about! 

Yes, you can still take the class! You don’t have to be able to do a pull up to take our beginner class, however being able to hold your own weight up will help tremendously. Not sure if you can?

Can you hold a plank for 10 seconds? (What’s a plank? It’s the “up” position of a push up)

With the assist of a chair, can you get into a pull up position, bend your knees and hold it for 3-5 seconds?

Can you hold yourself in a crab walk position with your butt off the ground for 5 seconds?

Even if you can’t do any of the above, with patience and the right attitude you can build the strength while taking the class and have fun doing it.
Absolutely not! Our level one curriculum is adjustable for each student’s abilities. Instructors teach all moves  low to the ground. Students learn them at their own pacing while building up the strength to climb higher. No matter where you start, your muscles will develop and get stronger by just trying. With every attempt, you are working those muscles, and the more you try, the stronger you get. Each class will incorporate conditioning to help build your strength.

The best advice we can give to all students is to have patience with yourself and don’t compare your progress with your neighbor’s. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Your journey is just that, yours! So enjoy it and have fun!

With any form of physical activity please consult a physician before starting any new exercise program. People with low blood pressure or poor circulation will want to consult a physician since we invert and are upside down. We also knot the silks on our feet which can be a concern for students with poor circulation. If you are sensitive to motion sickness you may be at risk for motion sickness while on the equipment. Please be sure to let your instructor know of ANY injuries or health conditions before participating.

No worries! One of our instructors used to be afraid of heights and it hasn’t stopped her! We work low to the ground at beginner stages and you only go as high as you feel comfortable. Just let us know if this is an issue for you so we can work within your limits.