Covid-19 Safety Plan


We are following aerial and circus school industry best practices to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19. We understand if you are not ready to return to the gym. But for those of you who are, we want to be transparent about our practices as well as Grand Rapids Gymnastics’ protocols since our space is in their space and their approach is slightly different. 


We feel it is important that our students understand what GRG’s practices are for their classes and students.


We will reopen in a phased approach and may change as COVID-19 rates in the Kent County and surrounding areas change.

Currently in phase 3

Phase 1

Offer Private Lessons to current students

Phase 2

Offer reduced sized classes to current students

Phase 3

Offer reduced sized classes to new students

Safety Requirements

Stay home if you are sick

If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other known infectious diseases, please stay at home.


We will take temperatures of all participants upon entry and will be logged in our contact tracing log. If you are found to have a temperature equal to or greater than 99.6 degrees, or showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you will be asked to leave immediately. 


If you come in contact or are positive for COVID please contact us at or text Jackie at 269-267-4303 so we can inform anyone that may have been in contact with you. We have a flow chart if you are unsure of this process.


If you must cancel because of COVID-19 we will refund your money or transfer it to your next lesson. We do not want anyone who is sick coming in the gym.

Masks are required for all participants

Due to ongoing concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 via respiratory droplets, we are requiring that all participants wear a close-fitting fabric mask throughout their time in the gym.


You may briefly remove your mask to drink water. If you are having trouble breathing due to your mask, please excuse yourself to one of our restroom stalls where you can remove your mask to recover.


Instructors are required to wear a mask and will be asking aerial students to execute movements lower to the ground as they acclimate to working with a mask.


Training with a mask will mean students should take breaks when necessary and train slower till you are acclimated to working with one on.

Equipment: Limiting 1 person to apparatus

We will be using a 48-72 hour quarantine period with the use of fabrics. This is the standard other circus schools across the nation have adhered to since this summer, based on expert advice.

For our hoops, we will be sanitizing our hard equipment surfaces and letting air dry between uses. Tape has been removed for sanitizing purposes. If you wish to wear workout gloves to give a better grip that may help. Otherwise, please be aware the hoops are slipperier without the tape.

Other covid-19 safety notes

Persons entering must have temperature taken by infrared thermometer by their instructor


Everyone who enters the building will wash their hands upon arrival and again before departing. Additional handwashing as appropriate is encouraged.

Hand sanitizer will be available near the equipment and at the front desk.


Social distancing required – that means no hands-on spotting or partner work for now.


Explicit verbal consent is required for any physical contact between any staff, volunteers, and/or students.

No handshaking, hugs, high-fives, or other casual physical contact is permitted in the building.


Staff/students will not remain in the facility after their designated training time.


Please do not enter the building till 5 minutes before your lesson.


No guests or visitors are allowed unless the student is a minor, then one parent will be allowed.

To Book A Private Lesson

Please make sure these areas are up to date before contacting us to book a lesson

All students, both new and returning, must have an updated, signed waiver on file. Please email us at to receive a copy to sign.

Please log into your Class bug account to update you contact info as well as payment info on file. 

After you have complete the above steps, email us at with your requested day, time, and apparatus (Silks or Hoop) of choice. Due to rigging points and the GRG schedule, hoop lessons may need to be in a later time slot. 



Cost is $55 for a 60 minute solo lesson. At this time, semi-private lessons are only available to students that are from the same household and will share a piece of equipment. Cost is $45 per student.