Private Lessons


Want help putting together some choreography before a showcase? Interested in some individual tips and conditioning? Need a little extra assistance with a skill you couldn't quite master in class? Book an aerial private lesson with any of our instructors for a little extra attention!

Contact us to request a lesson!

In the “Details” section of your form please include what days of the week you are available, your level of experience, and what you hope to work on in your lesson.

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Tips & Information

If you are new to the aerial arts, your instructor will go over the basics.


If you are new to the instructor it is recommended you email us to share a little bit about your previous experience.


To get the most out of your time it is recommended to you have an idea of what you would like to work on. Please email us with any relevant information or ideas for your instructor a few days ahead of the lesson, if possible.


When booking a semi-private lesson we recommend that the students be of a similar level. If you book with a friend who has never touched a silk and you are an intermediate level student, the instructor will need to teach at the level of the least experienced student. 


1 Student


2-4 Students / Per Student