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Class Offerings


Our beginner class is designed for people who have never touched an aerial silk. Learn the basics of climbing, foot locks and beginner poses all while safely within inches off the ground. Everyone starts here regardless of physical abilities. You will learn the basics necessary to progress on the fabrics.

We then build upon those skills with the introduction of inversions, alternate grips, additional climbing methods, single knots/splits and compound moves that require more time on the fabrics. This is an adult and 13+ class. 


Intermediate levels require longer time in the air and introduces single foot lock combinations, hip key movement, double crochet in the air, and utilizing these new methods into more complex movements.


We then add more complex climbing techniques, cross back straddles, movements from egg beater, single knee hooks, more complex combinations from double crochet and hip key, and introduces simple drops. Teacher approval is needed to register. This is an adult and 13+ class.


Advanced silks deepen the student’s abilities and understanding of sequencing and connecting movements. In this class, students will work on preparation for advanced drops, windmills, and slack drops. Choreography elements are explored. Also, other advance movements that requires a higher level of strength like meat hook and straight arm movement. Teacher approval is needed to register for this class.  This is an adult and 13+ class. 


Kids aerial class ages 8-13. Students will learn movement and shapes on the aerial equipment all while having fun. This class will help develop your child’s body awareness, physical coordination, strength, flexibility, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 10% discount for multiple siblings.

Open Gym

This is an opportunity for students to come and practice what they have already learned on the equipment. There will be a spotter on site but no instruction will occur and students are asked to only practice what they have already learned. Due to liability, open gym is only open to students of Aerial 4 Me or recently enrolled students with teacher permission.


Open gym does not include instruction but will be supervised by an instructor or staff member. Students should only practice skills they can do safely on their own. This is a great opportunity to condition, stretch or work on perfecting moves you learned in class. Under no circumstances should anyone other than an Aerial 4 Me instructor teach new skills to a student. If you can’t remember how to do a move from class please ask a teacher or teacher assistant. If neither are available, please work on other material you can do without guidance.