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Circus classes focusing on Aerial Silks and Lyra in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment

Aerial4Me is more than your average fitness class.
We are a supportive community focused on safety.

Aerial4Me welcomes adults and teens from all backgrounds, fitness levels, ages, and abilities. Wherever you are starting from, we will meet you there and help you discover the amazing things you are capable of. Everyone starts at the beginning, so what are you waiting for? Start your circus journey today! Jump right in and commit to one of our 6-week sessions focusing on aerial silks or lyra, or try a single taster to see what we are all about. 


We can’t wait to help you discover the joys of circus and aerial arts!

No Classes Are Scheduled At This Time

With ongoing concerns regarding covid-19 we are erring on the side of caution and only offering private aerial silks and lyra lessons to our current students at this time. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on our covid-19 reopening timeline.

Student Experiences & Testimonials

  • I love training at Aerial4Me because of the incredibly supportive community you’ve built. I’ve made so many amazing friends through the classes. I signed up looking for a fun new fitness class, and not only did silks offer that, but it has also been a much needed creative outlet for me. I appreciate the emphasis that all of the instructors put on safety. Thank you for everything!

    Maria Melocchi

  • I was looking for a different fun way to work out and found Aerial4me! I LOVED it! They move at your pace and it’s crazy how strong you can get!

    Kendall Voltattorni

  • I honestly could write a novel about how much I love Aerial4me and what all it has done for me. I stumbled upon Aerial 4 me by complete accident when I first moved to Grand Rapids. I just decided to dive right in because why not? And now… all I want to do is be upside down and in the air every day of my life! I am the strongest and the most flexible I have ever been in my life and I actually ENJOY going to the gym now. I am also slowly becoming slightly graceful which is a whole new sensation I am not used to. Aside from the amazing workout, Aerial4me has introduced me to a community of amazing human beings. Although I willingly decided to jump in head first I was still afraid on my first day. As soon as I step foot in the door Jackie was saying hello to me, introducing herself, and making me feel so comfortable and at home. I have made so many amazing friends from being a part of Aerial for me and it has brought so much positivity into my life! Coming in on your first day can be really intimidating but all of the coaches, and students, work so hard to make everyone feel like they’re family! 


    I tell everyone they need to sign up! You absolutely will not regret it!

    Haley Williams

  • The instructors I’ve had have been the best at getting to know us all well enough to know how we learn and process material, and the curriculum is the safest progression out of all the studios I’ve been to for beginners to learn good habits and form from the first class that will keep students safe and prevent injury. I see the value in starting out at a studio curriculum that teaches safe progressions and is knowledgeable about rigging. I love the silks classes and was introduced to lyra which led me to want to pursue it as my main apparatus.


    I met some of my best friends at Aerial4Me and I’m excited to see where Aerial4Me will go in the future.

    Melissa Witham

upcoming Events

No upcoming events scheduled. Check back for updates!

Amelia Performing on Aerial Silks at Caldar Plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan during Pride June 2019.
Melissa W. Performing on Lyra at the Aerial4Me Nerd Circus Showcase, April 2019

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